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Our motto

Manifesto is a somewhat revolutionary word, but if we attribute a gastronomic identity to it, we can call it "menüfesto". Every place has its own definitions that explain and understand it, like every chef has responsibilities...

These responsibilities bring with them many obligations and are necessary. Food is a culture carrier that has been passed down from generation to generation for tens of thousands of years and has come to this day without considering any ethnic or religious identity throughout the ages. The richness of our table, the fertility of our soil and the generosity of our nature are a great legacy left to us. We must preserve and nurture this heritage and pass it on to the next generations. With this belief, we all have certain duties.

We also took on "muutto", that is, migration, for our part in these duties. Migration; It is not something unique to humans. All living things, such as birds and humans, have lived by migrating from one end of the world to the other throughout the ages; and each migration brought a new belief, a new language and a new culture to the place of migration. The largest and most permanent migration to nature, where all living things live by feeding, has been caused by food and plants. Wherever food has migrated, there has been wealth, abundance and culture; This shows that big tables contain big stories.

By focusing on migration cuisine, we wanted not to ignore the complements of this big picture. There are beautiful and special stories in every layer of this great culture, these stories have become the names of some dishes and have survived to this day, there is a different story of people and migration in every meal we eat. Food is an artistic culture connected to many branches of science, the menu you have in your hand consists of the tastes left to our palate by many people, it is a great value because the menu is multicultural, and we bow with respect and gratitude to the memory of those who made this value reach us.

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